my history...

I have always been interested in photography from the 35 mm days and have thousands of pictures. I bought an early Epson digital camera in 1996 with a 32 megabyte memory card. It was a revelation at the time and could take about 20 pictures of 0.7 million effective pixels with a fixed
36 mm lens. I continued with my Canon 35 mm SLR and used the digital as a 'plaything'. However, times have changed and I now use a Canon 30D SLR digital camera with a number of lenses including an f/2.8 24-70 zoom lens.

Having completed courses in digital photography and the internet I have now been able to progress from developing film to the digital world and web publishing.

I live in Belbroughton near Worcester, England which is a small picturesque village in the heart of England. With views of the Clent Hills and surrounded in history, I use my home to inspire my photos of English country life. Although I love to return home I also enjoy travelling the world and my photos show some of my experiences whilst traveling.

If you like what you see, please feel free to comment and send me an email.